Our Strategy

AP Preferred Solutions is a leading information technology training and staffing firm providing deeply skilled clinical resources to clients throughout the United States.  More than just a staffing company, our strategy is to focus on creating core competencies that lead to the successful execution of projects to deliver better business outcomes for our clients.

Preferred has developed a world class recruitment and delivery capability.  We have extensive history rapidly building and deploying teams to provide the right skill to the right place at the right time.  This program is designed to prepare our consultants to navigate today’s unique cultural and change management challenges.

We leverage a proprietary technology solution, developed by Preferred, to track both consultant productivity as well as project progress toward clinical staff adoption.  The technology, named M4, provides near real time analytics on custom tailored attributes such as staff education, consultant interactions, and project issues. This information allows us to direct resources to the greatest point of need, vastly improving project success rates against specific criteria.

100% of our clients are reference-able.  Our experience teaches us that superior business outcomes are achieved when we work together early in the project cycle to define the business objective, identify inhibitors to success, and develop the solution.  When we execute this process we find that training and go-live costs can be significantly reduced and adoption significantly improved.